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Good Vibrations Shoes is dedicated to Veteran’s improvement in the quality of their  lives.  We hope to accomplish our goals, one comfortable step at a time. We proudly display the symbol that was earned through hard work, diligence and perseverance.  The same values shared by our fellow veterans.  Thank you for your service.



Mission:  Creating innovative vibrating footwear to enhance the quality of life.

Vision:   “The World’s only vibrating footwear company, offering comfort and aid to tired, aching feet for people everywhere.” To be the premier innovative footwear company means being the best in terms of quality, consumer value, customer service, employee talent and sharing the success, with consistent and predictable growth.


    • Good Vibrations Shoes has the ability to produce and deliver its unique vibrating shoes in six weeks from order placement.
    • Our factory has the ability to construct, 10 thousand pairs of shoes per order.

                       Final assembly of vibrating units in shoes and testing is performed in the United States.