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How it Works

To operate:

Put the shoes on. Good Vibrations Shoes® vibrator function now starts and stops with the push of a button from a remote control. Press the remote once to start vibration and hold the button down to stop the vibration.

Remote Control

Remote Control

For charging the battery:

(Your shoes will arrive uncharged, please charge them overnight.)

Insert the USB plug into the rear of the shoes. You may plug this wire into the CE rated wall outlet converter or your laptop/desktop computer. The charging light in the rear will turn red indicating the need for charging and turn green when the battery is fully charged. It is OK to charge the shoes overnight, the unit will not overcharge or burnout. The charging unit will turn off when the lithium ion battery is fully charged. For travel, we recommend charging from your laptop or desktop computer. This way the voltage will be matched.

The vibrating unit in the heel of the shoes is a sealed unit and is serviceable only by the manufacturer. Removal of the unit will void the warranty. Good Vibrations Shoes® will service or replace the unit free of charge under the conditions of the warranty. A shipping label can be printed from the company website. Prior approval is necessary.